Monday, June 4, 2007

Zach and Danyell, Can We Pick Your Mangoes?

Got a call from Zach. He and Danyell, a young couple from Colorado, ended up buying sight unseen a nice little corner lot one block off the main road here in El Valle. It's only a few blocks from our house. Z&D are still in Colorado, and the reason Zach called is that he was concerned about some of the recent laws passed by the Panamanian legislature. I'll write more about that later, but first, I forgot to ask, hey Zach! Can we pick your mangoes? Your lot has a large mango tree on it and the fruit is ripe and falling.

Lack of response will be interpreted as consent.

Here are some photos of Z&D's lot that Laura took some months ago when Linda was thinking about buying something here. Click on the photos to see larger versions:

Looking at the lot from across the road:

Along the side of the lot, looking at Cerro Gaital and friends:

Front of the property:

Middle of the property, with the neighbor's house visible beyond. Joe and Lori, a couple from Oklahoma, are now renting that house:

Back of the property: