Monday, April 9, 2007

Uncle Osama, Cousin Naglaa, and Cousin Heba

Most of my extended family (grandmother, uncles, aunts, and cousins) live in Egypt, and I have not seen them in many years. A few of my cousins have settled in the USA or Canada in recent years, and I have been able to see them occasionally.

I just received an email from my cousin Naglaa, who lives in Canada with her husband Nasser and their two children. She is the youngest child of my father's older brother, Osama. She sent me photos of herself and her sister, Heba.

I last saw them in 1980 or so and I remember Naglaa as a tiny little playful girl. The photo below shows my grandparents, my Uncle Osama and all his family. Naglaa is the one in the green dress.

Here is the full grown Naglaa with her family:

Naglaa also sent me a photo of her father (my Uncle Osama) and her older sister, Heba, who in the photos above is the skinny young girl wearing the red dress and thick glasses. The photo also includes Heba's in-laws, but I have split the photo in two because it was so large.

Here is the first half of the photo, with (from left to right): my Uncle Osama, Heba and her 13 year old son (apparently everyone tells him he looks like Harry Potter), and Heba and Naglaa's mother, my Aunt Tahany.

And the other half of the photo, with Naglaa's in-laws, her two sons, and her brother in law Alaa. These photos were taken in Egypt in July 2006:

And here is the entire photo, but not at it's full original size:

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