Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wind Like a Freight Train

There are two seasons here:

"Winter", or the rainy season, which the tourist industry calls the "green season" - 8 months long, rainy, warm, and unceasingly humid.

"Summer", or the dry season - almost 4 months long, dry, cool, and massively windy.

Right now it's summer. The wind is strongest at night and it sometimes sounds like a freight train rushing through the dark house. The other day one of our nice glass-bodied table lamps tipped over and shattered. Opening a window just a crack, especially on the windward side of the house, is enough to start doors slamming.

I had Listo cut back some of the branches from a tree outside Salma's room because the night winds were driving the branches against the roof and waking her up.

Last year we lost two trees, but this year we are still hale and whole, with a few months left to go.

In the daytime, however, the wind calms to a steady breeze and it's actually quite pleasant. All in all, I prefer the dry season. I like the cool breezes, the dry air, and the lack of mud in the streets. It's like a San Francisco summer.

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