Monday, April 28, 2008

Re: Check Out This House in El Valle

I got this comment recently through my contact form. I've abbreviated it slightly. See below for my response:
Hi Laura. My husband and I myself are coming to Panama in mid May and we are right now deciding if we should rent a house down at Playa de Coronado and/or in El Valle. We found a house in El Valle. I would love if you could tell me on which "side" of the road this property is:

Here's a description: (removed to keep competing house-hunters from getting it).

Laura, since you live in El Valle would it be possible for you to find a little bit more information on the house and the location aside from what our realtor explained to us? I really truly appreciate your comments.

P.S. We have no icecream machine... but if everything works out ...well a dinner in our new home is on us :-)

Best wishes

Claudia, thanks for your email. Actually I am Wael, Laura's husband, and this is my blog. Laura's blog is

Yes, I know the street you described. It's a nice, quiet street in a good area. Not so close to the center of town but near the Centro Commercial, which is handy since that's the biggest store in town.

I'll go over there tomorrow and take a look at the house. Thanks for the dinner invitation and I look forward to taking you up on it. Please send me another message through the contact form and leave your email address this time.

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Hi Wael.

Thank you for the nice email and for taking the directions to the house offline :-).
I tried three times to use your Contact form but everytime it threw errors. This is why I have to post again here. My personal email is:

I just showed your blog to my husband and he said that he is looking forward to meeting you. As a doctor he probably is listening to the chemical reaction he received from your blog. We are in the midst of packing hardly getting over the fact how much stuff we have accumulated. We appreciate you taking a look at the house as we are aiming to live comfortably for the next 6 to 12 months in this location until we have found our own land or house.

Here some questions that until nobody could answer.

Can you receive US TV channels?

What type of car is preferable? We need to either rent or lease a car for the time being!

FYI, I have an Internet Marketing (DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT,SEO) and Internet connectivity is a MUST HAVE. Any known problems? I would need at least 4 to 5 Mbs bandwidth.

Is there anything you would suggest for us to bring which is not or difficult to obtain in Panama?

And is there anything we can do or bring from the States for you and your family?

PS. We hope that Salma is going to feel better before we come. At any rate you can always consult with my husband.

Until soon...

With best wishes to El Valle
Claudia Schumann