Monday, June 1, 2009

Salma at Casa de Fruta

Quick Note: my house in El Valle de Antón is for rent. I have dropped the rent a little and it's a great bargain. See it here:

I usually pick up my daughter Salma at Casa de Fruta on the weekends. Located on Highway 152 in the coastal mountains of Northern California, Casa de Fruta is a roadside stand gone wild. True to its name, it sells a vast array of fruits and vegetables, but also sells nuts of every imaginable variety and flavor, condiments, and chocolate covered delicacies; in addition there is a large candy store, an ice cream shop, a burrito shop, a wine shop, a restaurant, a gas station, a motel, a miniature train for children to ride on, a carousel, a playground, a duck pond... it has become a destination in itself. Salma always enjoys her time there.

Here are some photos of Salma taken in early May, the last weekend I spent with her before my Panama trip (and one photo of Casa de Fruta's fruit selection):

Salma is getting tall

Salma in the stocks

Salma looking cute, and making me chase her

Salma on the slide

Casa de Fruta

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