Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Health Foods Store in Coronado

Organic in Paitilla
The Organica store in Paitilla

A natural foods store called Organica, located in Panama City (in Paitilla) has been popular with the ex-pat crowd for some time. People often find products there that cannot be found in any other store in Panama, including Riba Smith. It's been the place to go for health foods like brown rice and organic chicken, and specialty items like cherry cider or vegan marshmallows.

Now Organica has opened a second branch in the new mall in Coronado, across the street from the Rey (45 minutes from El Valle). The mall has only a few stores open and not many signs up yet, but if you pull into the mall and ask security, they can direct you to the new store.

Fred from El Valle says, "I requested some brewers yeast and they called me two days later. You can also ask for special orders; Maria at the Panama store has been very accommodating for us. I use a lot of products that they carry and I would like to see the store do well."

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