Thursday, October 11, 2012

Buon Appetito - home cooked pizza in El Valle

Lorenzo and Barbara of Buon Appetito pizzeria

Lorenzo, Barbara and their little daughter Sara are an Italian family living in El Valle. They recently opened a home restaurant serving pizza and other Italian meals. It's called Buon Appetito. As you can see in the photo, they have a stone oven that they crafted themselves.

Lorenzo and Barbara say:

Barbara, Lorenzo and the little Sara are waiting for you in this piece of Italy! Located behind Panaderia cano (bakery Cano), the 5th house on the right hand. Open:

Thursday...06:00 pm  / 09:00pm
Friday.......12:00am   / 09:00pm
Saturday....12:00am  / 09:00pm
Sunday......12:00am  / 08:00pm.
Thursday only Pizza and dessert.....
Friday, Saturday and Sunday Pizza and a dish of the day (spaghetti or lasagna or pork filette or crespelle or vegetarian lasagna...etc) what Barbara (the Boss) wants!!!

The tastes of the pizzas are: ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, vegetarian, vegan and much more. All is "home made" and we tried the best ingredients! We want you to feel like you are in a little restaurant in Italy!!!

For info or reservation : 6401-6301.

On the El Valle forum there were a lot of nice comments by Buon Appetito's customers:

"I had dinner there a week ago and I can tell you it was great."

"Excellent vegetarian pizza."

"Truly a wonderful place."

Good luck, Barbara and Lorenzo! I'll be sure to drop by next time I'm in El Valle.


Popeboy said...

I would like to say we had the honor of being the FIRST guests at this restaurant last month- Family of five! Great authentic Italian food in a great ambiance. The search for places like this is why one travels to little niches of the world. Easily the best places to eat at El Valle. I wish them all the success that should be coming their way. A must visit when you are in El Valle.

Popeboy said...

We had the honor of being the FIRST customers last month- Family of five! Excellent Italian food in a great ambiance. Experiences like this is the reason one travels to little niches in the world. Easily the best food in El Valle. Fresh and authentic. A must vist if you find yourself in El Valle.

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