Friday, December 22, 2006

Just Me, Li'l Fishy and the 'Puter Makes Three

Friday afternoon and Adam's crew is off until after Christmas, as are Rosa and Listo. It's quiet here, just the insects buzzing outside, the neighbor's dogs barking occasionally and sometimes a rooster crowing. Li'l Fishy sits by the window, watching the geckos and wishing I would open the window so she could climb the screen to swat at them.

I went out in the car today to run a few errands and Mancha (spot), Teresa's dog, was sitting in the middle of our street. I honked at her and she looked at me but did not rise. I shouted, "Mancha! Muevate!" I honked the horn again and moved the car forward just a bit. Mancha looked at me with concern, but still did not get up. Finally Teresa, who must have heard me, came out and called the dog home. I think Mancha believes that I'm a nice guy, that's the problem. All these fools think I'm a nice guy!

Don't they know that I am a mean, bad-ass fighting machine? Don't they know that I have a temper like a junkyard dog on speed? I need to let people know how mean I can be, that's what. Watch out El Valle. This is a joke, by the way. Not to be used against me in any future court cases, please.

I saw Niko and asked him how the tour went. He told me he had taken Eric to La Piedra Pintada (the painted rock, an old rock with pre-columbian hieroglyphics), and El Nispero, the local zoo, and maybe a few other places. He said, "You are going to teach me, right?"

I said, "I'll teach you what I know."

Niko glowered and said, "Good! Because I want to learn!"

I'll show him how mean I can be. No, that's bad martial arts. That's wrong mind, not no mind.

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