Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Garbage Basket, Finally!

For a few months now I've been asking around about getting a garbage basket, which is what everyone uses here in El Valle de Anton, Panama. We never know for sure when the garbage men will show up, neither the day nor the week. Recently there was a long period with no pickup, and I heard the truck was broken down.

Until now we've been setting the bagged trash out front in case the truck comes in the morning, and every night the cats and dogs tear into it and make a mess. Then either I or our gardener have to re-bag it and set it out for the beasts to rip open once again.

A few months ago I found a metal fabricator in Coronado who quoted me a price of $180 to fabricate a garbage basket. But Eric, the apprentice electrician, offered to do it for $50 plus materials cost (another $30 or so).

Eric and his brother borrowed my car to get their welding machine, or perhaps they rented the machine, I don't know, then they spent a day and a half in my driveway assembling and painting the basket. And there it is, shiny red and serving its intended purpose!

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