Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine in El Valle de Anton

Where do you go in El Valle de Anton, Panama for gourmet vegetarian cuisine? Bruschetta? No, though their vegetarian sandwich is not bad. Mar de Plata or El Rancho? No. Los Capitanes? Definitely not.

You go to 10050 Calle Las Medinas, the home of Wael, Laura and Salma, where Rosa, their maid and cook, is really outdoing herself these days. Well, now that I'm looking at the pictures I realize that it looks a little messy, but both dishes were really very good.

The first was an egg salad with tomato, garbanzos and parmesan slices:

The second was a hot potato salad with peanuts:

We still had some broccoli casserole from the day before - it was delicious - and white rice and curried fish from the day before that. A plethora of tasty choices.

Rosa's come a long way from the days when every dinner was rice and lentils, or lentil soup. And it's such a nice change. I can put up with a lot of inconveniences and even outright tribulations, as long as I have a nice meal at the end of the day.

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