Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Huge thunderstorm going on right now. The lightning is hitting right here in the valley, and the thunder is ripping across the sky like cannons firing. So much water is falling that the yard looks like a lake and the ditches are full to the top.

Salma was napping but the thunder woke her up. The cats are in hiding. Rosa has just finished work and Laura is giving her a ride in the car, rather than let her walk in the storm. Listo cannot get a ride, since he lives in the mountains where there are no roads, so I told him to come into the house and I served him a bowl of spaghetti to eat while he waits out the storm.

I've been developing several blogs and working hard on them. The most important is DomainerPro.com, which is a blog about my experiences buying, selling and managing domain names. I started DomainerPro.com last week and I'm trying to post something new almost every day. I'm working on promoting it among other "domainers" and building it into a useful resource.

The humidity here is hard on electronics. The latest victim is our microwave oven. It has developed a glitch which causes it to turn itself on when you open the door, so you get a face full of radiation. I was thinking about calling Eric - the apprentice electrician who gave me such a headache last year - when lo and behold, he showed up on his own! He knew that our washing machine was broken down and he wanted to buy it for spare parts.

He says that he has quit drinking because his wife pulled his ear.

So I had him take a look at the microwave. He found a small relay that has rusted and is no longer working. He says the relay must be replaced, but we cannot find such a small part outside of Panama City. So for now we are stuck with a malfunctioning microwave.

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