Monday, May 11, 2009

Los Nances bed and breakfast in El Valle

The view from my room at Los Nances

Renovation work at Los Nances in El Valle

Construction at Los Nances bed and breakfast

Heading up to Los Nances bed and breakfast, I was not sure what to expect as Adam had told me the place was undergoing renovation. I imagined a small, dusty room with furniture covered in plastic.

In fact it was a lovely, large room with attractive wooden furniture, a mini kitchen and a great view. The top photo in this post is the view from my room, through the screen.

Los Nances used to offer four spacious and comfortable rooms for rent. When it reopens, it will offer eight rooms outside the main house, plus a few suites downstairs. They are also building a large deck that will offer a spectacular view of the valley. Although they are not open for business, Bill has been kind enough to let me stay in one of the rooms. They have fed me breakfast and dinner, and I have been able to use their wireless internet network.


Michael in El Valle said...

Hello Wael
I like your blog. May I use one of your photos on the Anton Valley's Official Web Site?

The specific page where your photo will appear will be Los Nances B&B en El Valle de Anton.


Wael in Panama said...

Hello Michael. Yes, go ahead.