Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Housebuilder Sets New World Record in Panama

Via C. Kelly News Service:

Housebuilder Rudy Moberg shows off his New Dream House after only one day of construction, thus setting a new Panamanian record.

Says Rudy, "The contract was signed for a ten month duration starting on Feb 21st, but I never dreamed they could finish so soon."

For those of you who saw a previous foto in November, it confirms the fact that Rudy indeed has set two world records in three months.

Congratulations Rudy! He immediately went out and celebrated with his friends Wael , Laura and Baby Selma by ordering a pizza at Pinnochio's.



(Actually, this type of shack is the first thing that goes up in any construction project. It's merely a temporary place to store tools and supplies).

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