Monday, February 11, 2008

My Gentle Tramadol Alter-Ego

I mentioned that many strong drugs can be purchased here in Panama without a prescription, and that I had bought some Tramadol (a mild opiate) for my back pain.

I took the Tramadol for three days. I noticed during that time that not only did I have no physical pain, I also had no anxiety. I was very affectionate with Laura and Salma, and generally easygoing.

This morning I mentioned to Laura that I had stopped taking the Tramadol because my back is feeling better.

"Yeah, I figured as much," she said.

"Oh yeah, why?"

"You're back to your edgy self. When you were on Tramadol you were totally relaxed and friendly. I didn't like it. Not normal."

Apparently my Tramadol alter-ego is too warm and loving. It's good that I am loved just the way I am.


Theresa said...

Actually Tramadol is OTC (over the counter)in the USA too. Which is amazing isn't it? Our doctor prescribed it for pain here in Mexico, but did research on the web regarding it and found out it was also available in USA.

Anonymous said...

Tramadol is not OTC anywhere in the USA; it is considered an opiate and not available without a prescription.