Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Salma Playing in the Yard

In the afternoon our side yard is shaded and now that it's summer Salma loves to go outside and play on the grass. She plays with her green ball, dances, or tumbles on the grass. Sometimes we fill a yellow plastic tub with water and she puts toys in it and splashes about.

Click on any photo to see a much larger version:

If you'd like to print one of these, I recommend this next one:

This is the yellow tub that we fill with water. Climbing on things is another Salma favorite.

Salma dances at the least provocation. Humming a tune is sufficient to get her going.

We have many fruits growing in our yard and Salma enjoys eating them straight off the tree (we do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers). Here she is biting into a lemon. She loves the tartness.

What, are you talking to me?

Don't make me come after you:

This last one is my favorite, and another good one to print and put up on the fridge:

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Roberto said...


Salma is absolutely enchanting! She is destined to be a heart breaker.
BTW, thank you for the link. :-)
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