Monday, February 11, 2008

Rest in Peace, Zippy

Last night about 10pm our cat Zippy began seizing and gasping for breath. I held him as Laura stroked him and uttered soothing words. Eventually his breathing returned to normal. I laid him down on a cushion in the bedroom, where he remained conscious but quiescent.

Shortly afterwards we turned out the light and went to bed, but no sooner had we settled down to sleep than we perceived Zippy moving. I turned on the light just in time to see Zippy totter over to his favorite bath mat. He heaved himself down on the mat, took one last gasping breath, and died.

While he was still warm, Laura combed out his fur until it shone with smoothness. This morning I wrapped him in a few of my old shirts (Zippy always loved the smell of my shirts), and set him in the hole in the yard along with his brush, a favorite toy, and some catnip. I tossed a handful of dirt and left the rest for Listo.

Zippy's been with us almost fifteen years, through four different cities. I'll miss him, but I'm happy that he is now at peace.


sunshine said...

I saw your thread the other day, with the two pictures of Zippy. It was so sad to see how his illness had wasted him away.

And I was so sad to read today, of his passing. All we can do is give them the very best life possible. And Zippy has had a great life with you. He is now free from the pain of his illness.

My own cat (Fluffy) is such a character. I got her in 2000 from an animal rescue shelter. She had been found abandoned wondering, and had a set of kittens with her. She was young herself. She now enjoys a great lifestyle....and sits on top of my computer monitor, or sleeps beside me at night, on my bed. She is the cutest character and has in the last couple of years started to MEOOOW again (I imagine her awful early experiences as a kitten scared her into being mute).

Thanks for this excellent blog, by the way.

Kindest wishes and lots of love from Ireland.

Wael said...

Thanks so much for your comment. Very kind of you. Are you related to my Irish friend Ian Smyth?

Zippy too came from an animal shelter. For the first few months of his life he had been a stray, and when I first got him he was not very cuddly. As he got older he became more and more affectionate, until by the time of his middle age he loved nothing more than curling up in my lap. Amazing what a little love will do.

Lots of joy to you with Fluffy.

sunshine said...

Hi Wael, thanks for the reply.

Yes, isn't it amazing what a loving environment can do for a distressed animal. They become part of the family, and we especially love them for all their little character traits.

I don't know Ian Smyth (apart from the one that led Rhodesia in the 60s!), though I have heard that there are more and more Irish folk moving to Panama. I am moving across this year. And my best friend, who is in Nevada, is joining me.

I was trying to find an email address to write to you. I couldn't find one. I am also on skype and yahoo messenger. It would be great to chat, if you have the opportunity.

Wael said...

I've created a simple contact form that you can use to contact me. See the link at the upper left of the home page.

sunshine said...

Thanks Wael. I have sent you a message.