Friday, January 5, 2007

Going to Panama

No time to write this morning. I'm going to Panama to attend Friday prayer and complete a few errands. I also have to make preparations to receive Zippy, my cat, when Laura arrrives on Monday. Here in Panama everything requires reams of paperwork and bureaucracy.

I got an email from Erik M., my former Hapkido teacher. That was a nice surprise. Seems quite a few changes have taken place with my old Hapkido school. I'll write more about that later.

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Laura in Panama said...

It has been very difficult to arrange our cats' travel to Panama. It seems it has been one thing or another each time we are set to send/bring them. Here's the latest discussion I had with Continental Airlines regarding reserving Zippy cabin space for our flight home.

"Hi, I'd like to bring my cat on board with me on Monday."

"Great, how much does your cat weigh?"

"13 pounds [he actually weighs 17.4 but I didn't want any trouble!]

"Ooo, I'm sorry. There is a weight restriction of 10lbs. for pets who travel in the cabin. How much did you say your cat weighs?"

"10 pounds."

"But didn't you just say your cat weighed 13 lbs.?


"I think you did. Are you just saying that to make the reservation because this call is being recorded."

"No, my cat weighs 10 lbs."

I am keeping my fingers crossed for our 6am flight on Monday!