Monday, January 1, 2007

Dinner at Tracy's

I went to the city a few days ago, picked Tracy up at the Hotel Las Vegas, did some shopping and brought him back to stay the night here in El Valle. He had never been to the house before and was very impressed. In the process I retrieved my camera, so now I have photos from last week's dinner at his house in La Chorrera.

Above (and below, for that matter) is Tracy in front of his house in La Chorrera. He bought an unfinished, Panamanian-style home and spent a good chunk of money renovating it. He has a fairly large property to go with it.

A slightly closer view. The taxi belongs to Nelson, who you will see in a moment.

Tracy with Brooke and Nelson, a married couple. Brooke is from Toronto, Canada, and Nelson is Panamanian. Tracy met Brooke at the airport on his first visit to Panama, I believe. She is five months pregnant and is planning to return to Canada to have the baby.

Notice the mosquito bites on Brooke's arms. My arms were just as bad. This was right at the beginning of the dry season, when the insect population seems to explode almost overnight.

Tracy's water tank. He has city water, and it is stored in the tank to create pressure.

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