Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Letters from My Readers

I've received a few nice emails recently from readers of this blog, which I will copy here. Also, Earl, I checked my P.O. Box yesterday and your letter has arrived, though Laura has not read it yet as she is still asleep this morning (and the baby too - she finally drifted off around 1am).

From my former Hapkido teacher in California, Erik M.:

It’s great that you’re holding informal Hapkido classes in your living room (which I got a peek at on your blog). You are participating in a long and esteemed tradition of backyard/living-room / garage training halls, which are more faithful to the true spirit of the martial arts than the vast majority of commercial schools. Sorry, but there’s not much of a chance of me coming to Panama (even though you make a powerfully persuasive pitch in your blog). If I did go abroad, it would most likely be to New Zealand, Singapore or India.

Regarding your blog entry for December 31st, I couldn’t agree more heartily with your wish to end the practice of torture. It’s appalling not just that the US practices and supports torture (sadly, that’s not new), but under the Bush regime, we now practice torture openly, brazenly, without any sense of shame (previous administrations knew, at least, that it was something they had to hide)...

Erik <*_*>

P.S. That’s a very nice looking garbage basket you’ve got!

And from Diane S., a faithful reader:

Thank you Wael for the blog update. I have been thinking of Laura and Salma all day... flying and waiting and getting back to Casa Salaam. I am SO glad to know they arrived safely and are soundly in your arms again.

Isn't little Salma just a joy? We so enjoyed seeing her yesterday morning (Sunday) for a short time. Her smiles will hold us for a long time, but we will be so glad to see them in person again.

Again, thank you for taking the time for the blog update. I was just waiting for 9pm PST to arrive to check, was on the phone trying to explain blogs to my 79 year old aunt just now. So I filled her in and was able to report to her how great a communication device it is, especially for us who always long for info on our dear Salma and her parents who are taking good care of her. By the way, this is the aunt that taught me by example how to be a aunt. I hope I can match her great "auntness".

I hope you get some sleep tonight. I am sure your adrenaline will wear off soon.


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