Monday, January 1, 2007

New Circuit Boxes for Air Conditioners

Among the recent electrical upgrades on the house - which has been completely rewired, from the street to the house interior - the last thing to be done was an upgrade of the wiring to the air conditioners. We have three split AC units, one in each bedroom. Apparently they run on 220 volts and the wiring was not sturdy enough to handle the flow. The electrician said that eventually they would have burned out.

To avoid tearing the wiring out of the walls, the electrician built a new master circuit box for all three ACs, and an individual circuit box for each unit, and ran the wiring along the outside of the house to each AC. Here you can see the outside setup for the master bedroom AC. The white unit at the bottom is the external half of the split AC. The grey box above is its circuit box; and where you see the box at the top, it goes through the wall to the internal cooling portion of the AC, which is mounted high on the wall in the bedroom.

The final bill for all of the electrical work was $3,600. A big hit for us but necessary. I have been paying Adam in installments, withdrawing $500 at a time from the ATM machine when I have it available. Not quite paid off yet.

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