Monday, January 8, 2007

I Hope We'll All Fit

On my way to Panama in a few minutes to pick up Laura at Tocumen International Airport, along with her mother, Salma the baby, Zippy the cat, and at least four large bags. I hope we'll all fit in my Nissan Sentra. They'll arrive about 6:45 pm Panama time, it will take at least an hour to process the cat through customs (probably longer) and then about a three hour drive back to El Valle in the dark. So I'm guessing we'll be home around midnight if all goes well Insha'Allah. Upon arrival I'll post a brief message here saying, "All have safely arrived," and then I'll hit the hay, or hit the banana leaves as the case may be.

During the time that Laura was gone, I realized that there wasn't much work for Rosa. Cook me breakfast and dinner, go shopping, wash a couple of dishes, launder a few clothes, sweep the floors, make the bed, clean the bathroom and that's about it. Four hours of work at the most. So I told her, "It's ok if you want to take a break in the afternoon. You can sit and read, or whatever you like." So I think these days have been fairly relaxed for her, though she still keeps the house very clean.

This morning I told her that I am going to Panama today to pick up Laura, and you should see her. She's like a dynamo, mopping, scrubbing, airing out the rugs, dusting and polishing everything. She knows that the lady of the house has somewhat higher standards than mine, or perhaps she just wants to welcome Laura to a spotlessly clean home.

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